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    horny jail crossover

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    снился лес, срубленный целиком

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    /// alina starkova
    with light comes dark, alina.

    i. jinco & svnah - crown (and I'm taking back my crown); ii. lorde - everybody wants to rule the world (there's a room where the light won't find you); iii. halsey - castle (war version) (i'm headed straight for the castle / they wanna make me their queen / they’ve got the kingdom locked up); iv. jetta - i'd love to change the world (i’d love to change the world / but I don’t know what to do /  so I’ll leave it up to you); v. lorde - glory and gore (you've been drinking like the world was gonna end / chance is the only game i play with baby); vi. sydney wayser - belfast child (cut) (when my love said to me / meet me down by the gallow tree / won't you come on home); vii. lawless & sydney wayser - dear god (dear god / hope you got the letter / i can't believe in you / did you make disease and the diamond blue); viii. hidden citizens - silent running (can you hear me / can you hear me running / can you hear me calling you); ix. ruelle - take it all (this winter breath / taste of death / where iron meets flesh / we'll take it all); x. hidden citizens - stay alive (should the lion say his grace / i do what i need to / stay alive / yeah, i’m gonna stay alive); xi. banks - goddess (you liked her hopeless to walk around / you shoulda crowned her / fucking with a goddess and you get a little colder); xii. imagine dragons - gold (statues and empires are all at your hands / water to wine and the finest of sands / when all that you have's turnin' stale and its cold / when everything everything everything you touch turns to gold gold gold).[icon]https://i.imgur.com/GPig3RM.png[/icon]



    [indent] алина старкова

    до расстояния прямого ранения
    александр & алина

    seeing you tonight[modern!au]
    александр & алина

    i should have loved a thunderbird instead[dark!au]
    александр & алина

    [indent] улла морозова

    в первый раз когда ты уехал
    александр & улла

    it's dark inside
    маттиас & улла

    [indent] ланселот

    в ожидании.

    [indent] другое

    не ходи за мной[grishaverse]
    николай & женя


    the waves of the sea help me
    александр & улла


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    Вы здесь » horny jail crossover » архив личных тем » снился лес, срубленный целиком

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