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    horny jail crossover

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    CC: Playing in English

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    CEZARE BORGIAthe borgias
    https://i.imgur.com/rlYueG6.jpegfrançois arnaud


    Dearest Cesare,

    The miles stretch between us, but my heart aches for the brother I once knew. Does the Vatican's cold embrace still hold the same fervor for God you possessed in our youth? I yearn for the unshakeable faith of our childhood prayers.  My own light flickers, consumed by doubt. How can a God so loving condemn the purest touch, leaving scars deeper than any wound? Remember the promises, Cesare?  Happiness seemed our birthright, yet it remains elusive.  Is this the life you envisioned for us, cloistered away from the world we knew?

    I yearn for the days when you shared your innermost thoughts with me, when your eyes held no secrets. What do you fear to see in mine? What do you wish to hide? I cling to the belief that our faith endures, guiding us through these troubled times. Please return to the Vatican, Cesare. My heart longs for your presence.

    With endless love,





    Вы здесь » horny jail crossover » партнёрство » CC: Playing in English

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